In our world of mass production, Fluffer Nutter Crafts revels in the wonky, imperfect, and asymmetrical.

I believe:

–          Everyone can learn a craft and have fun making things. If it’s wonky or funny looking, so much the better!

–          Handmade is always better than mass made

–          Creating is the antidote to stress. It keeps your mind occupied and the high of making something yourself is unbeatable

–          Everyone has a voice, and can be a craftivist. Craft can change the world for the better

–          Buttons are better than coins

–          One woman’s rubbish is another woman’s next art project! Upcycling all the way

–          I can bring more colour to the world, one small project at a time

About Me

I’m Beth, a 25 year old crafter living in Wandsworth, South London.

I crochet on the bus to work, in my lunch hour, and on the bus home.

Get in touch. I love feedback and comments are very welcome.

What is a Fluffernutter?

Fluff is an American marshmallow spread, which added to peanut butter in a sandwich becomes a ‘fluffernutter’.