Sublime Stitching ain’t your gramma’s embroidery. It was set up to provide alternatives to twee outdated embroidery. ‘Instead of waiting for the craft industry to do something new, she did it herself. Jenny decided to create the company she wished existed: introducing her own designs in non-traditional themes, with new education and new anything for embroidery.’ She an inspiration to me in trying to set up Fluffer Nutter Crafts.

I have two Sublime Stitching books, the first I got was Doodle Stitching, which is packed full of patterns for Alphabet, Asian Chic, Baby, Celebrations, Embellishments, Fruits & Veggies, Space, Trees, Flowers, Winged Wonders and Woodland Creatures.

All the patterns are gorgeous, but I chose the following to embroider onto tote bags:

I’ve also read Embroidered Effects which has everything you need to know about embroidery, including iron on patterns of Mexican Day of the Dead, tattoos and cocktails.

Once you’ve embroidered lots of lovely patterns, you can submit pictures of your work to go on the Customer Gallery. One customer said: “Thank you for making my crafting more exciting. I haven’t felt this good about something I have done in a long while. ” Which says it all really. Check out the awesome range of patterns on the Sublime Stitching Website and get embroidering!

Creepy Cute Crochet


When I first saw this book in Waterstones I fell in love with it instantly. I was meant to be shopping for a friend’s birthday but once I’d bought it, I couldn’t bare to let it go (my friend did get a copy eventually!) It was the first time I’d heard of amigurumi and even though I couldn’t crochet, I decided I would learn. Several months and lots of lessons from patient friends later, I finally made the following creatures from the book:


Whilst the book itself doesn’t teach you how to crochet, it is great for beginners, as each creature is based on the same simple head and body shape. The stitch diagrams included are quite confusing, and once a friend told me to ignore them, I got on much better. The author, Christen Hayden, has her own blog Needle Noodles, which is really great for tutorials and free patterns.